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Sunwest Waterway Management Inc

Aquatic Weed & Algae Control in Palmetto, Florida

Aquatic weed and algae control, along with fish stocking, create a healthier waterway to enjoy for years to come. Get a free lake or pond assessment from Sun West Waterway in Palmetto, Florida.
Aquatic Weed & Algae Control
Through strict compliance with local and state regulations, Sun West Waterway applies a spray liquid herbicide to waterways so harmful weeds and algae don't overtake the water.

Aquatic weed control services are recommended once a month for follow-up spraying, if necessary. Your community will thank you for a healthier recreational area.
Algae on a boggy surface of a pond - Algae control in Palmetto, FL
Fish Stocking
A well-stocked pond or lake flourishes with the right kind of fish. We stock waterways with bass, bream, catfish, triploid, and grass carp, in addition to mosquito-eating fish.

Stock recommendations are determined by acreage and location of the lake. Typically, several hundred of each species are added to the lakes and ponds.
Close-up picture of a Catfish - Fish stocking in Palmetto, FL
Fountains & Aeration
Proper water aeration prevents algae and weeds from growing, resulting in a healthier body of water. To facilitate a cleaner body of water, we install ornamental fountains from .5 horsepower up to 50 horsepower.

A fountain system comes with an array of spray and lighting packages from which to choose. An aeration system allows air bubbles to oxygenate the waterway, making it more habitable for plants, fish, and wildlife. Aeration systems are installed on the bottom of the lake.
Fish pond aeration - Palmetto in Palmetto, FL
Environmental Consulting
Wetlands enhance the environmental health of a body of water. Wildlife will flourish with more nutrients in the water. Let our experts consult on the best methods to properly maintain a body of water.

Past successes include working directly with government agencies to ensure compliance and a healthier aquatic environment.
Wild flowers along the shore of a lake - Algae control in Palmetto, FL
Contact us today for an estimate on the health of your pond or lake.