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Sunwest Waterway Management Inc

Aquatic Weed & Algae Control in West Florida

Healthy waterways make for a healthy environment. At Sun West Waterway in Palmetto, Florida, we ensure your lakes, ponds, and waterways are cleaner through aquatic weed control and additional methods to meet government standards.
Waterway Maintenance
Ensure your local waterways meet state and local ordinances and provide a healthier body of water in your community. Through safe biological, chemical, and mechanical means, our company provides aquatic weed and algae control, fish stocking, fountains, and aeration, in addition to environmental consulting.
Nuphar flowers, green field on lake - Aquatic weed control in Palmetto, FL
Personalized Services
Each body of water has its own needs. If your lake or pond is covered in algae or aquatic weeds, the water may not be healthy and can lead to fish kills, in addition to unhealthful fish caught for consumption.

Whether you are a property management company, or a state or county government agency, our services are tailored to each project we undertake.

Get a free aquatic survey to determine the health of any existing waterway, pond, or lake in the Southwest Florida area.
About SunWest Waterway
As a native Floridian with 30 years of experience in aquatics, our company owner understands the science behind maintaining healthy waterways in the community. He loves making bodies of water more of a recreational asset than an eyesore, and understands the need for this type of business in Florida. Our customer always comes first, and we offer individualized attention to every account.
Contact us today for an estimate on fish stocking to help create a healthier aquatic environment.